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Синее озеро

Жилой комплекс
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Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 1Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 2Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 3Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 4Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 5Жилой комплекс Синее озеро, фото 6

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  • Carley
  • 16 октября 2016, 18:36
  • 0

i’m ever so slightly mystified that even from the diedavantagsd position of possesing a penis, I can’t understand how some people aren’t getting this right. For the first time, I’ve read something written by Richard Dawkins that I made me respect him less as a person. A guy doesn’t have to be overly endowed with brains to understand that a girl doen’t want to be hit on by a strange guy in a elevator. It’s a spectacularly uncool thing to do, and judging by the sheer number of pharyngulites who don’t appear to grasp that, a point that needed to be made.


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